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I’m an entrepreneur, writer, radio host and an optimist dedicated to helping others to find their passion on their path in life. If you’re curious about my background and how I came to do what I do, you can visit my about page.

Kiddie scoop: I was born in Lima Peru and raised in Columbus, Ohio yes, I’m a Buckeye fan (O-H!) My family immigrated to the USA in the late 60’s. It was amazing and challenging  growing up in two different worlds and learning to navigate and merging two different cultures into my life, but I must say the world is my playground and I have fun on Mother Earth.  I’m an obsessive learner who spends time reading, writing, producing and hosting Iggy LIVE and WithInsightsRadio.com.  My biggest passion is creating community through drumming, dance, song and sacred ceremonies from my home land and other indigenous teachings.

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Iggy Garcia ~ Chief Hoop Watcher

“We are but a speck on the timeline of life, but a powerful speck we are!”  –Iggy Garcia

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We will be traveling to Peru: Ancient Land of Mystery.
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Iggy Garcia LIVE (SPECIAL) – Sylvia NebSa Harmon from Inspirit Arts Vendor Academy.

THE FOUNDER: Sylvia NebSa Harmon, also known as ‘Miss NebSa’
has been an micro enterprise and cottage craft industry specialists, international craft buyer, designer, market woman and fundraiser since 1982 when she opened Inspirit Arts in Africa. Now she focuses on sharing her expertise as a vendor coach so others may enjoy the freedom and flexibility of an Inspirit Arts vendor lifestyle.

Iggy Garcia LIVE Episode 17 The Power of Prayers and Intentions. Update on Standing Rock, ND.

Iggy Garcia LIVE Episode 17 The Power of Prayers and Intentions. Update on Standing Rock, ND.

On 12/04/2016 The United States Army Corps of Engineers denied permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline will have to be directed away from Sioux land. For months, 10,000 plus people have come together and are still standing for the clean waters and will not allow the black snake to go under their water ways. We don’t know were we go from here today. It is a start and we must always stay vigilant and not let our guard down.