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BWiggyPlease take a moment to visit and learn a little about me, my passion for drumming, indigenous rituals and ceremonies…  I’m a teacher, mentor and a student on this journey we call life.

Life takes us all on many trips, twists and turns.  You can read about my many adventures online at Iggy’s Blog.  When I’m not writing, I co-host a weekly radio shows and Podcasts at WithInsightsRadio.com where you can listen to us interview authors and leaders from our community local and from around the world.  We also give intuitive readings and talk all things spiritual, holistic & metaphysical.

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“We are but a speck on the timeline of life, but a powerful speck we are!”  –Iggy Garcia

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Iggy Garcia LIVE Episode 17 The Power of Prayers and Intentions. Update on Standing Rock, ND.

Iggy Garcia LIVE Episode 17 The Power of Prayers and Intentions. Update on Standing Rock, ND.

On 12/04/2016 The United States Army Corps of Engineers denied permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline will have to be directed away from Sioux land. For months, 10,000 plus people have come together and are still standing for the clean waters and will not allow the black snake to go under their water ways. We don’t know were we go from here today. It is a start and we must always stay vigilant and not let our guard down.

500 Years Ago Today!

This song is about the people who are standing at Standing Rock, ND. Their struggles and their victory and how people from four corners of the world came together to form the Rainbow Tribe. This song is tribute 500 years later into the future, Remembering the The Water Protectors and how they never gave in or gave up to protect our waters from the Black Snake and the forces of DAPL. One Heart one beat, one people!