Iggy’s 2013 and the outlook for 2014

Well the year is coming to end fast and 2013 has been a challenge for many and blessing for other. I will be speaking about my 2013 and how it impacted my life in good and in growth.
2014 will be a year you will see yourself and others walk into their power. Many blessing and walk sacred in 2014…

Iggy Garcia

WithInsightsRadio.com Nemenhah Medicine

“The Nemenhah Community of Spiritually Adopted Natural Healers is not an ordinary organization of professionals. We are a world-wide community of Indigenous Peoples practicing our common and very diverse forms of Natural Healing with the common interest of a Spiritual Perspective and the mission of “Restoring the Sacred to Natural Healing.” In some senses, we could more properly be referred to as a ‘Micro-Nation.’ Therefore, we have a responsibility that crosses many labels and layers. We function as a bridge between our Sacred Community and all Natural Healers…”
~ Excerpt from The Nemenhah Code of Ethical Conduct; 2013