Iggy Garcia LIVE Episode 47 – My Interview with Dr. Peter Fairfield.

Welcome to Iggy Garcia LIVE! I invite you to sit back relax with me as I share my insights that I have learned along the way on this journey we call life. I will explore a variety topic from holistic, metaphysical, alternative healing modalities and current day events and life. My guest this week is Dr. Peter Fairfield, OMD LAc is a doctor and professor of Oriental medicine, specializing in psychiatric, pain and transformational issues and is also a Qi Gong teacher. He is currently developing the first real doctoral program in Oriental Medical Psychiatry. Peter is an acupuncturist and medical intuitive who has spent many years with Tibetan Yogis, Taoist adepts, QiGong masters and physicians from Tibet, Nepal, China, Thailand, Taiwan and the United States. CONTACT PETER FAIRFIELD: Peter works with people internationally and can be reached at :(415) 377-0862. His YouTube channel, Mystical Body, has several important videos. email: mysticalbody@yahoo.com If you would like information about me and would like to set up a session, please contact me at facebook.com/iggygarcia For more info on Iggy visit: http://www.IggyGarcia.com USC TITLE 42 CHAPTER 21B § 2000BB–1 USC TITLE 42 CHAPTER 21C § 2000CC

Iggy Garcia LIVE 46 – “Inside.”

Iggy Garcia LIVE Episode 46 – “Inside” I will be Broadcasting Live on the air at 8:00 PM EDT 5/21/18. You can catch the show on Live Stream on Facebook. http://tobtr.com/s/10787545 The call-in number is (646) 595-3440 #WithInsightsRadio #BlogTalkRadio #IggyGarcia #podcast #radio #live #shamanism #intuitive #motivation #inspiration #self-help

Iggy Garcia & Adriana Arts LIVE Episode 45 – “What the Heck Is Enlightenment?”

This show aired at 8:00 PM EDT 5/14/18 and Live Streamed on Facebook. http://tobtr.com/s/10775873 #WithInsightsRadio #BlogTalkRadio #IggyGarcia #podcast #radio #shamanism

Iggy Garcia LIVE Episode 44 – Food as Medicine with Dr. Philiip Landis Dr. Jonathan Landis

In this Episode 44, I interview Dr. Philiip Landis and
Dr. Jonathan Landis from the Nemenhah and Spirit Wind Natural Healing Ministries. The topic is Food as Medicine.

Iggy Garcia LIVE Episode 43 – My Guest Tonight is Jan Kevan – A Kindhuman Company

In this episode, my guest is Jan Kevan from A kindhuman Company. She will be sharing her vision and inspiration with us.

Iggy Garcia LIVE Episode 42 – “Inspiring Self.”

In this episode, I’ll be talking about “Inspiring Self.” So many times we look for others or outside sources to do that for us.