iggTVWelcome to the events page. Here you will find the info you need for my up coming classes and events.  Some classes are one on one or in group setting and some classes will be held via live conference feed.

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Introduction to Peruvian and Urban Shamanism

  1. Intro to Urban Shamanism – 07/15/18 check webcalendar
  2. Urban Shamanism 2.0 – 07/22/18 check webcalendar
  3. Medicine Wheel – North American and South American
  4. Bundle Story & Ceremony (Personal Alter, Mesa)
  5. Cleansing and Protecting
  6. Using Your Intuition
  7. Fire Ceremony
  8. Plant Spirit Medicines
  9. Inter-Tribal Drumming
  10. Seven Fold Legacy Chair Gestalt
  11. The Power of Laughter LOL
  12. The Home Inside and Outside
  13. Power Animal Totems/Find Your Spirit Animals
  14. Trance Dance/Dancing with Spirit/Medicine Wheel Dance
  15. Itsipi (sweat Ceremony)


Monthly drum circles will be held at The Reiki Center
1540 W 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43212.

Please check webcalendar for all Drumming events

A Fireside Gathering featuring Mediation and StoryFires®.

My Sage Place®
5849 Linworth Rd, Worthington, OH 43085-3360, United States
Please check webcalendar for all Fireside events



Gathering of Sounds Meditation and Healing Circle.
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Whetstone Park Casting Pond

3901 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214, United States

Please check webcalendar for all Sound Bath events

 Please check webcalendar for all drum events

Itsipi (Sweat Ceremony):

  • 7/21/18
    Please check webcalendar for all Itsipi events
  • 1970 W Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus, OH 43085-3461, United States