December 24

That’s what I’m doing… Updating my life and its content.

That’s what I’m doing… Updating my life and its content.

In this short life I’m learning that at every stop along the way, that I have signed up for, are a slew of course work for life lessons, some courses I have dropped like a hot potato and other just smolder inside me, eating me or feeding me. I also know, no matter what the experience was, it was there to help mold me and prepare me for other moments.

From that I create how I perceive my own reality, and then I get to attach labels to those moments.
Then I take those experiences as I perceive them as good, bad, fun, hurtful, etc, to empower me or cripple me.

So if I want to move the mountain, then I first need to move. I’m Just like anyone on this planet, I get series of choices to play out in my minds eye. Do I go over around, thru or underneath the mountain.

No matter what I choose to do or say to myself, one thing is constant… The mountain Stands strong, confident and unyielding… No matter what, It forces me to be in the present moment and to use my imagination. In the end the choice is mine regardless if I allowed others to influence my decision.