October 12

Happy indigenous people’s day?

Why do we say Happy indigenous people’s day. I never hear anyone say happy Christopher Columbus Day .

There was nothing happy about what happened in 1492 and after. So, now we change the name from Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day and that makes everything better. NO! Maybe a huge apolgie and returning stolen lands back to them. History is written by those in power. I’m sure First Nations people have a very different view of American history, matter fact I’m sure they do.

My blood is mixed, like so many of us. So, I can only speak for myself. Dear ancestors I’m sorry for what my European side did to you all in the name of God, money and progress. I’m truly sorry that we saw you as lesser than us, non-human. I to carry the blood of the native and indigenous peoples of Peru. The genocide will never be forgotten and I will honor and dance, sing, laugh, pray and share our ways with the world and those willing to learn. Our way of life is not separate. All my relations, means all my relations. We are a tribe called human and we must find a way to live in peace and harmony.

Thank you for those who fight for change and defend indigenous cultures. Let’s help all indigenous peoples around the world not be forgotten.


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