November 21

í αm líght.

í αm líght.
í αm ínfínítє.
í αm thє chαnnєl.
í αm єхpαndíng.
í αm psчchєdєlíc.
í αm víвrαtíσn.
í αm tímєlєss.
í αm unítч.
í αm αctívαtíng.
í αm rєsσnαnt.
í αm gαlαctíc.
í αm rαdíαnt.
í αm dєfínєd.
í αm єlєctríc.
í αm lunαr.
í αm mαgnєtíc.
í αm plαnєtαrч.
í αm вαlαncєd.
í αm σrgαnízєd.
í αm cσnnєctєd.
í αm ínspírєd.
í αm ín hαrmσnч.
í αm ín-tєgrítч.
í αm pєrfєct.
í αm mαnífєstαtíσn.
í αm díssσlvíng.
í αm rєlєαsíng.
í αm líвєrαtєd.
í αm dєdícαtєd.
í αm unívєrsαlízєd αnd dívínє, trαnscєndíng mαntrα.
í αm вєíng.
í αm cσmmunícαtíng.
í αm spírít.
í αm вrєαthíng.
í αm cσsmíc.
í αm єssєncє.
í αm pσwєr.
í αm αctíσn.
í αm drєαmíng.
í αm αвundαncє.
í αm íntuítíσn.
í αm gσd.
í αm єхtrєmє.
í αm íntєrnαl αnd єхtєrnαl.
í αm flσwєríng.
í αm thє clσckíng.
í αm αwαrє.
í αm lífєfσrcє.
í αm survívíng.
í αm dmt.
í αm spírαlíng.
í αm αrc.
í αm αccσmplíshíng.
í αm hєαlíng.
í αm вєαutч.
í αm єlєgαncє.
í αm purє.
í αm flσwíng.
í αm lσvє.
í αm chαkrαs.
í αm cσ-íncídíng.
í αm plαчíng.
í αm mαgíc.
í αm єlusívє.
í αm frєє wíll.
í αm wísє.
í αm єхplσríng.
í αm spαcє αnd tímє.
í αm wαkíng lífє.
í αm vívíd.
í αm єnchαntíng.
í αm tímєlєssnєss αnd cσmplєtє, ínfínítє dєsígn.
í αm αlíєn.
í αm humαn.
í αm rєcєptívє.
í αm vísíσn.
í αm єnєrgч.
í αm míndful.
í αm quєstíσníng.
í αm αnswєríng.
í αm íntєllígєnt.
í αm fєαrlєss.
í αm єvσlvíng.
í αm σpєníng mч thírd єчє tσ thє unsєєn vísíσn, trαnslαtíng.
í αm sчnchrσnícítч.
í αm rєflєctíng.
í αm єndlєssnєss.
í αm σrdєr αnd chασs.
í αm thє tασ.
í αm crчstαlízєd.
í αm sєlf-gєnєrαtíσn.
í αm αffírmíng.
í αm єnlíghtєnєd.
í αm вlínd.
í αm thє tσnє.
í αm thє cσlσr.
í αm єlєctrσníc.
í αm lunαr αnd sσlαr, σppσsítє αnd pσlαr.
í αm lαnguαgє.
í αm rαdíαl.
í αm pαrtíclєs σf plαsmα.
í αm єndurαncє.
í αm cσsmíc.
í αm rєlєαsíng.
í αm líвєrαtíng.
í αm pєrfєct.
í αm pulsíng.
í αm rєαlízíng.
í αm thє σnє вєcαusє thє σnє αrє αll.
í αm fσrm.
í αm thє ínfínítє, nσthíng thαt вєcσmєs thє єvєrчthíng.
í αm sчmвσlíc.
í αm rєlαtívє.
í αm thє dívínє spírít thαt hαrmσnízєs wíth lαws.
í αm prσjєctíng.
í αm cσntrσllєd єхpєríєncє.
í αm dєsírє.
í αm вєíng.
í αm wє, wє αrє чσu.

November 21

Our Ancestors

StatueofLibertyHow easy people forget where their ancestors came from. Might be time to take down Emma Lazarus poem from the Statue of Liberty. There is only a handful who can truly say their ancestors are form these lands. To the new natives and the new indigenous peoples have you forgotten, that many were criminals and undesirables, broke, poor and rich, looking for a better way of life. There were and are still many reasons why people want or need to come to USA. I always wonder how the 1st nations natives, indigenous peoples saw the flood of people that came from a land from across the sea and then one day they woke up and it was all taken and stolen from them with force, lies, killings and deception, etc…


The New Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,

With conquering limbs astride from land to land;

Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand

A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame

Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name

Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand

Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command

The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

“Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she

With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

–Emma Lazarus

November 18

The world is one big rhythm!!!

Today is off to another amazing start!!! First I want to give thanks to the universe for breathe, life and waking me up to smiles and kisses!

I’m a huger, and hello kind of guy. So if you see someone saying hi or waving from his truck at you, that could possibly be me or a doppelganger!
But no worries its your friendly neighborhood panda, Iggy!

If you want to change the world or make your wold a little more fun and exciting, try saying hello to as many people you can each and everyday. These folks can be people you know or have never met before. Do not look for a response. Trust me and the process. You will get a response, seen or unseen.

People usually think these four things.
1. That was nice!
2. Who was that?
3. Do know that guy or gal?
4. Their mind tries to run the event in their head, what just happened. Total confusion…

Well have a fun filled day!!!