January 30


I love this lil dude! He cracks me up and puts a smile on this pandas face.

Posted by Iggy Garcia on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 8

My First Week of the New Year.

Happy New Year!!!!

So, I said goodbye to 2015 with friends and family at my family’s restaurant. The night started out with us in drum circle and playing our heart beats. With every swing of the mallet, I would recall the each and every day I could. I thought about what I had accomplished and what I hadn’t. The memories would come flooding and the feelings of laughter, tears and sadness. The memories of my friends who had loss or the friends that I lost. I thought about Deb who passed and the young people who lost their lives before or on the New Year. I also thought about the friends I had to cut ties with, it was hard.

I remember how the last year started off with blast and we were doing things as a group, this year did not start like last and I’m okay with that. I find myself more introverted and looking inward this year for answers I have deep in my core. I have returned to mediation and more focused on my calling my spiritual path, it calls in ways to stay the path and share more. I found that the last part of last year was a little too much about me. I fell into an indifferent type of attitude. I was waiting for something, but what that was I’m not sure. I just was not myself.

Hello 2016, when we add up all the numbers we come up with 9, the year of coming into our spiritual gifts. I jump into 2016 with open arms to learn more, teach more, discover more. Mostly not expecting things, but to allow myself to move in the flow of the universe and find my pieces I have given away. I’m never sure who the people we become facilitators for, see us? We have our problems and issues we have to work out. I can only speak for me, but I learn so much from the people I work with as they travel their path to a place in their hearts. I have had some wonderful teachers of the course of my lifetime.
2016 Let’s have fun, adventure, learning, understanding and not take it so serious.

Peace and love Aho & Reksikuy