October 27


iggTV-150x150Iggy Hoop Watcher Garcia is a Peruvian Shaman, Native American Church of Nemenhah Medicine Man & Minister, spiritual leader, writer, radio host, entrepreneur.   Iggy is the editor & producer for www.withinsightsradio.com and hosts a weekly internet radio show.

Iggy Hoop Watcher Garcia is Chief of Public Relations for the Nemenhah and is a Holistic Practitioner and is a member of the Nemenhah Indigenous Traditional Organization (NAC) is certified and in good standing of the afore said Native American Church and are Shahaptian Guide Medicine Man.   And as such is authorized to perform all the ordinances pertaining to their calling, including the use of Plants, Animals, Stones, Feathers, and so forth in rites and ceremonies which do pertain to the Tents of the Scared Shahaptian Healing way as restored to the Nemenhah by Wyakin and as set forth in the Constitution of the Nemenhah. We are members of Condor Eagle Chapter House in Columbus, Ohio. Great Lakes, Chief of Tiwehkthihmpt of Itsipi Society, Intuitive Life Coaches™, Drum Healing, Drum Circles, Remote Healing, Body Energy Work, Inca Meditation, and Open Chair Gestalt.

Our site is full of resources to help you to navigate life’s many journeys. First, we must try to understand and strive to find the power in ourselves to heal. Past traumas, have away of hold us back from living life to its fullest. We must try to understand that one can not do it alone and that we must learn to live in the moment given to us by our Creator. It’s our belief, that we all have something to share and give to the world and the universe.

I will coach you to determine and achieve personal goals.  As Intuitive coaches, we will use a variety of methods, tailored for you through holistic approaches. Intuitive Life Coaching™ is not targeted at psychological illness, and Intuitive coaches™ are not a therapist (although therapist may become coaches).

We use many forms of modalities to help you heal yourself.
All healing is self healing.

Prayer, Ho’OPonoPono, Intuitive Coaching™, Intuitive Business™, Body Energy Work, Open Chair Gestalt, Meditation, Remote Healing. Our main work is done with Peruvian Shamanism, Native American ceremonies (Nemenhah Medicine Wheel), Central and South American healing methods. Itsipi (Sweat Ceremony), Dancing with Energy, Drum Healing, Drum Circles, Inca guided Meditation, Animal guided Meditations, Bundle Ceremony and pipe Ceremony, Sacred Walk, Vortex, sound healing, fire ceremony, water ceremony and much more…

There are many mysteries in the Universe that have been hidden from us and lost over time.  Over the centuries the scared arts were passed down from generation to generation. As we, evolved as a society we have left behind and forgotten the things that kept us healthy and the ways of our ancestors and other Indigenous People of the World.

It’s time for all of us to reclaim our birthright from the Universe! We must bring back the old traditions of the Sacred Medicine Wheel of life from our ancestors and teach others how to heal themselves through all forms of healing modalities. Sky Father, Mother Earth the four corners of life (north, south, east and west) and All my relations.

We are more than just flesh and blood we are energy, we are life force and we are the masters of our lives past, present and future.   As Intuitive life coach™ and Native American Practitioner and Medicine Man, I will Journey with you to find that safe place to help you discover, re-discover and uncover how to teach yourself to heal yourself and take back your life through the power of the Sacred Medicine Wheel and much more!

Iggy Garcia