November 5

Dark and Light.

Why do things have to be such absolutes?!? Dark is associated with evil and light with good. You know when the two come together, they create a tapestry-like no other. We all have been witness to some fantastic and beautiful sunrise and sunset; the darkness fills the night and brings out the stars. The sun kisses the moon and brightens her up! So you see the magic of the universe is in everything and everyone. It all has a purpose, and how we choose to look at things is really up to us.

Have a blessed day and an excellent week, my friends and family! 💜🙏🏼💜 #peru #peruvian #machupicchu #cusco #sunrise #iggygarcia

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August 28

Victim of Abuse

If you been a victim of abuse or are being abused, you are not alone. I know it can be a scary place. Please do not sweep it under the rug. All it takes is one voice to cry out and change things for the better.  People who sexually abuse children do not deserve a pass! Abusers should do their healing behind bars.

August 28

One Day!

Our day will come when we will be old and frail and hopefully we will not be ignored and forgotten. Then we will take our last breathe and leave this everyday life of existence, and everyone will have beautiful words and say their goodbyes and then move on with their lives. Will we be nothing but a memory and a story a legend and myth. The reality is we will be someone who is not anymore.

I know life can be hard, so I encourage you to live life like tomorrow might be your last, enjoy the people around you and the places and moments you will experience and the memories you will be making along the way.