August 17

America Must Be Rebooted

Should we take down statues of native Americas also, they lost the war to save their lands from the invaders from across the sea. Let’s just make it all about Europe and the winning side! Statues are not the real issue.  I agree the issues run deeper than just statues. The who, the how and the way we see America must be rebooted. We are divided by history, culture, language, traditions. White, black and Hispanic. We can come together, but it must be from a place of unconditional love about our differences. You and I know racism is not only a white issue. It needs to stop, White supremacy has no place in our country. Neither does black, Hispanic, Latino, Native, Asian, etc… supremacy. We must be the example what the USA of love, the melting pot it is and one day stand as a united front. Our children and grandchildren are watching us, and it all starts in the home, school, churches, civic groups, clubs, sports, theaters, music, dance, etc. so, how do we bring everyone together and make an America we all can call home, be proud of and agree on. I know we all have our own minds and beliefs, but when will we turn the corner from violence and walk in peace and show unconditional universal love for one another?!? I will only walk and support peace until my dying breathe. Thanks for listening.


July 29

100 Years

I asked a 100-year-old man once what his secret to longevity was (because I truly wanted know and I was a curious 20 something), I can still see that big smile on his face and I can still hear that chuckle and for a slightly moment he looked at the ceiling, gazed at the floor, then he turned and looked into my eyes, I was like here it is, here we go! I still remember the feeling of waiting with great anticipation. I remember my mind conjuring up images of what he would say, would he tell me, eating less is more, take walks, the list went on in my mind. I was ready for these words of wisdom, I can still feel the smile on my face growing and my ears wide open and my mind ready to absorb this amazing gift from someone so old and wise. Then he turned and looked at me and blurted out these words, (at this moment I knew, I was probably the 1st person to ask him this or the 100th), I was like a kid waiting to ride an amusement park ride and you know that feeling you get when it’s your turn to board the ride and you’re all strapped in and the ride begins to moves slowly. I see his face, and his mouth begins to open and he says to me “Wake Up, Get Up and Do Your Thing!” At that moment my jaw dropped and my eyes got big, and the smile left my face. I’ll be honest, it threw me off!

I was, like is that it??? No long walks, eat more veggies, Etc., he laughed so hard, it was contagious, I started laughing. I was awed by what he spoke to me that day. He handed me back my new born son (he was Greatgrandpa, Susi’s grandfather), gave me a big smile, he shook his head up and down as to say yes, then he got up went about his day. I sat there watching him walk away and towards the kitchen, his 6 foot plus frame moving at a slow pace. I couldn’t help but wonder about all the things he did in his life and the adventures he must have had, all the people and place he must have visited.

Those words got burned into my mind that day, a power gift! I’m very grateful and I’m glad I asked.

“Wake Up, Get Up and Do Your Thing!” — Rollo Best