The Universal God.

I believe in a universal God, that loves us all the same, even with all of our short comings. The God I believe in does not ask its followers to harm others in his name. My God does not need to sacrifice another or ask anyone to die for me. My God does not play games with his creation. Man wants to be a god and man’s ego needs to prove and defend its self because it keeps falling short.

My gold fish

My gold fish know nothing outside of its fish tank (that’s me projecting). What does she think about? I know she gets excited when I walk towards her tank. She knows she will be feeding soon. What kinds of fishbowls or tanks do we all live in??? Hmm


Obama Moves to Expand Military Operations in Somalia! Really??? What about Standing Rock, ND??? Let’s keep feeding the war machine… DN! With less than two months remaining in office, President Obama has quietly moved to expand U.S. military operations in Somalia. According to The New York Times, the administration has decided to deem the militant group al-Shabab to be part of the armed conflict that Congress authorized after the Sep…...

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