Blood Moon Drumming

Last week my sister in spirit Maggie sends me a message to come drum at the All Life Center in Ohio.  I got very excited to be invited, these days everyone receives Facebook invites like a dime a dozen and they become lost like the flyers stapled to telephone poles.  She wanted a little more pzazz then the usual drumming that occurs there on every full moon drumming.  So I accepted  and I planed to be a participant like many others.  The days ramping up to this event was a preparation for a big release.  What I did not know what was in sore for me and all of us.  I was totally excited knowing this was the last supper moon of the year.  I was so happy to see familiar faces walk in and new ones.  I knew this was a going to be special night!

iggytaw2If any of you know me, I have facilitated many a drumming of the years.  Slow and gentle is not always easy for me, but the spirits and my ancestors have shown me the way.  I my personal drum is not a hand held drum by any means.  My drum 30 inch mother drum called Thunder Badger.  When I asked drum spirits to connect me with a drum, they come calling you and you follow the call.  She is made of recycled natural materials.  the skin is bull hide saved from the slaughter house, the wood is cedar (drift wood) pulled from a river.  She was reborn and the sums of their existence were brought together to become a drum some 5 years ago.  The final piece was a drummer, a care taker for her songs and beats.  She has made me sweat, opened my heart, made me cry, and allowed me to run all sorts of emotions with her and through her.  She is sweet and very protective and will not just allow anyone play her.  Together he have forged a relationship and partnership that words can not explain.  The only way you can see what I say is to watch us become one in heart beat and soul.  Thunder Badger and I have facilitated countless drum circles and healing circles and pow wow sessions.  Together we become the hollow bone and allow the Great Spirit course though our core and share what is need in that present moment.  At times we are as gentle as the soft breeze that come across your face on beautiful spring morning.  What I have come to learn she loves to rock it out with purpose and she loves to see the people dance and have fun.  She choose me because of the fiery spirit in my soul.  I love you mother drum – Thunder Badger.

As we geared up for our circle last night, I could see the looks in everyone’s eyes that was not going to be just a chant along and heart beat circle.  Maggie called for the four directions to be called.  But was stopped. A young boy, who later find out his name is Jackson.  He was autistic with few physical limitations.  He began to chat a payer in the most beautiful light language, he set the intention for the circle.  As he spoke, sounds flew out of his mouth and he would point at some of us as to say play loud and proud and the spirits will do the rest.  We called in the four directions of the medicine wheel and Maggie gave us the go and I began with the heart beat to set the tone for us to flow in harmony.

Most the time we start off with slow beats and work our way to the top with hardcore beats.  But I could tell that the long days and the change of weather and all the hurts, that was not going to last long.  Few hits and two minutes later, we were jamming out like know ones biz!!!

sacreddrum5We did take a break to honor the moment and Maggie called our friend Helder Cloudwalker to guide us in meditation and he sung for us.  It was very moving and so beautiful.  Maggie turned to me asked if I do a drum healing.  I was very excited to be called to hold such space for those who wanted.  As the folks to the positions on the floor.  I watched and observed how excited they all were and the trust they had in the process and the trip we all where about to journey on together.  Like any healing session, the are as unique as each and every snowflake that falls on the ground.  I began like I always do, make sure to remind everyone this is by invitation and that any time they want to get up or want to come back they could.  This is a very personal moment and one I hold dear and close.  to try to explain what happens, I could not do it justice.  Imagine the most peace moment you have had and the you hear the drum being played above you and then you go and travel.  Many people say I sing and other OM, I come back with everyone energized and with smiles on our faces.


Well I’m off to my next adventure, I see everyone when I return…


Much love,



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