The Shaman/Medicine Man

They who know the ways of beasts and birds, Who can distinguish them by song and cry, Who knows the bright quicksilver life in streams, The courses that the stars take through the sky, May never have laid hands to books, yet Is a shared wisdom of Infinity. . . They who work with sensitive deft hands At any woodcraft, will absorb the rain, The sunlight and the starlight and the dew That entered in the making of its grain; They should grow tall ,...

Fun Rules to Live By!

Fun Rules to Live By! Number 1. Always practice safe sex. Number 2. Practice rule number one. Number 3. Believe there is a higher power than your delicate ego. Number 4. Honor self and know others are doing their best, even when it does not look like it. Number 5. Take care of your spiritual temple and physical temple, they need to work in harmony so you can be in balance. Whatever balance looks like to you. Number 6. Give thanks and gratitude...

Urban & Peruvian Shamanism 2.0

Today, as we embark on our journey as pathfinders, explorers, and nomads, we will unlock new opportunities. With each stride we take along the path, whether it's the red road or the rainbow road, we'll leave behind footprints for others to trace. Our perspective will broaden, and as we progress and move forward, our love for Mother Earth, Pachamama, will deepen, reciprocated by her affection for us.


Today presents a wonderful opportunity to connect with the wisdom of our ancestors by activating your pineal gland. It is believed that they are near us in spirit, and you can enhance this connection through meditation. I recommend playing meditation music that features the 963 Hz Solfeggio frequency, as it is known for its spiritual and healing properties.  

Inca Cross – Southern Cross

The INCA CROSS (known in the traditional Peruvian Quechua language as “Chakana”) is symbolic of the “Southern Cross” constellation …prominent in the southern sky. “Chakana” resembles a series of steps and represents the three levels of existence in the world of the INCA. The first step, symbolized by the SNAKE, represents the underworld and death. The second level represents the present, human life, and is represented by the COUGAR...

Natal Chart

So what can your natal chart reveal about who you are and what happens in our lives.  Astrologers for centuries have studied the heavens in search of why certain things happen to us.  At first glance we see a wheel and a bunch of symbols…  So what does this all mean?  I can only imagine what all this may mean to the common person, at first glance I was lost and I’m still learning.  For most us it’s like looking at code or a foreign...

Our Temples

Don’t forget or discount the sacredness of your temple body. It’s very easy to become consumed and blinded when we are looking for the spiritual enlightenment on our path of self discovery. Our bodies are a big part of the journey. Spirit works with and through both. The enlightenment is deep within us all. You will find a way to honor both.

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