Our Ancestors

It's quite common for people to lose sight of their ancestral origins. Perhaps it's time to reconsider the presence of Emma Lazarus's poem on the Statue of Liberty. In truth, only a few can genuinely claim that their forebears hailed from these lands. To the new natives and the contemporary indigenous populations, have you forgotten that many among those who arrived were fleeing hardship, poverty, or seeking a better life? People have come to...

í αm líght.

IAM í αm líght. í αm ínfínítє. í αm thє chαnnєl. í αm єхpαndíng. í αm psчchєdєlíc. í αm víвrαtíσn. í αm tímєlєss. í αm unítч. í αm αctívαtíng. í αm rєsσnαnt. í αm gαlαctíc. í αm rαdíαnt. í αm dєfínєd. í αm єlєctríc. í αm lunαr. í αm mαgnєtíc. í αm plαnєtαrч. í αm вαlαncєd. í αm σrgαnízєd. í αm cσnnєctєd. í αm ínspírєd. í αm ín...

Open Your Hearts!!!

Let's embrace the idea of opening our hearts wide and not allowing a small group of individuals to control our emotions and lifestyles. Occasionally, they might infiltrate our thoughts, but they can never steal the love that resides within our hearts!

The world is one big rhythm!!!

Today is starting off on another fantastic note! Firstly, I'd like to express my gratitude to the universe for granting me the gift of breath, life, and the opportunity to awaken to smiles and kisses. I'm the kind of person who loves to give out hugs and warm greetings. So, if you happen to spot someone in a truck saying hello or waving at you, chances are it might be me or a look-alike! But don't fret, it's just your friendly neighbor, Iggy the...

As I see it

As I see it, only governments want war! All WAR is, the RAW side of fear and hate. There is only a few of them, controlling all us, the many! Wake the F**k up!!!

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