100 Years

In 100 years in the future, new people will live in our homes, walk our streets, and enjoy the parks. They will experience joy, laughter, music, and celebration. Some of us will be forgotten over time, while others will be remembered through our family trees. People in the future will wonder what we were like and looked like, using their imagination to envision our lives. Life can be tough, but I encourage you all to find the beauty in it and...

The way we speak to men

It is unfair to label men who are not in touch with their emotions as not being real men. The societal expectation to "man up" has led to numerous difficulties for men. The use of such words is hurtful and abusive. I have personally witnessed the negative impacts of this mentality on a man close to me, and it only serves as a poor example. Society often portrays men as invincible superheroes and saviors, but men are just as human as women. They...

Iggy Garcia LIVE Episode 194 | Here we go again!

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