100 Years

In 100 years in the future, new people will live in our homes, walk our streets, and enjoy the parks. They will experience joy, laughter, music, and celebration. Some of us will be forgotten over time, while others will be remembered through our family trees. People in the future will wonder what we were like and looked like, using their imagination to envision our lives.

Life can be tough, but I encourage you all to find the beauty in it and remind each other that our time together is limited we are on loan to each other. Relationships may come and go, so it’s important to honor and love the people we care about.

Two years ago, I was wheeled into the hospital by my wife, aware of the possibility that I might not come out walking. I was scared and nervous, but I fought my best. Sadly, many of my family and friends lost their battle with C O V I D.

Today, I am here, reflecting deeply thinking about my dad being gone for five years mom six. I am still recovering from that challenging experience, which transformed me both internally and externally. I can’t claim to have had a divine revelation or an encounter with God. All I can say is thank you to the creator, my ancestors, and my loved ones for their support.

I am grateful when I wake up in the mornings because it gives me another opportunity to improve my life and contribute to making the world a better place. Taking a deep breath, and I say outloud, “IT’S GOOD TO BE HERE‼️✨”

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