Here’s what individuals have shared about their experiences working alongside Iggy at IggyGarcia.com and WithInsightsRaido.com. Please note that, in some instances, names have been kept confidential and initials used to respect the privacy and requests of our valued clients.

I have had the pleasure of working with Iggy Garcia as he has facilitated our Healing Drumming Circles at OhioHealth Hospice for the past 3 years.  I have witnessed the impact of his leadership first hand as he routinely transforms people who are grieving and allows them a space to release the emotions that are often keeping them “stuck”, providing them with a deep sense of connection to their deceased loved ones.  He has a gentle and intuitive way about him and routinely puts people at ease who are drumming, many for the very first time.  Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive by the attendees who often approach this new and different experience with some hesitation. This group continues to draw large numbers of participants, serving a vast range of ages and backgrounds.  People who attend routinely find a peaceful and safe space for growth, reflection, expression of emotions and connection with others.  It has been nothing short of magical to observe the power of Iggy’s gifts.

Sarah Phillips, LISW-S
Bereavement Counselor

RebbcaChief Hoopwatcher is a man of deep spiritual connection with the Divine. As a participant in his ceremonies, I have experienced spiritual healing and release. During Itsipi, I connected with my heritage and animal totem, both of great value in walking my path. I feel fortunate to be involved with Chief Hoopwatcher and his community of healers.
–Rebecca Moyer

GuldalI have had the pleasure to work with Chief Iggy Hoop Watcher Garcia on several occasions. He consistently exhibited the highest degree of respect for his medicine…Itsipi and Drumming. But respect is only one dimension he brings to his passion. He has an uncanny ability to channel and open up for people safe and sacred places of healing and growth. Being in Itsipi with him each and every time I felt an intense sense of honor within me that emanated directly from Chief Hoop Watcher inviting the ancestors to come and open up our hearts for the healing. His humility and reverence for others and spirit that comes through him to aid in this quest are rare and brilliant. I would invite anyone who has the opportunity to be in his presence for drumming to open up their minds and hearts and allow the depth of the sounds move them in a way that words cannot describe. I am honored to call him a friend and more honored to participate in any healing in which he leads…..
–Dr. Guldal Caba Ph.D., NMD, NAC Tuihl- Hah- Pah- Nu


jennySI have known Iggy Garcia for 5 years. He is the real deal on all levels, grounded, transparent, warm and gifted. Anything he is involved in is better for his presence. With each breath, he deepens community and helps the individuals he touches to live their lives more joyfully and spontaneously. Whether it is through his podcast, at his restaurant or through talks he has shared with the community–Iggy is a gift to all who chance upon him. And his energy is gloriously infectious, open and true.
–Jennifer Sieck

DawnDanceIggy Garcia is a man of great integrity, community spirit, humility, and kindness. Iggy bridges worlds with his shamanic work, community education radio program, and as a restaurateur. His personality is warm, friendly, lighthearted, and full of laughter. I have really enjoyed being a part of Iggy’s extended community of friends, it has been a privilege and a pleasure.
–Dawn Dancingotter
Shamanic Medicine Teacher
mattMIggy is the living embodiment of the spiritual belief that We Are All One. He shows up as welcoming, kind, thoughtful, funny, and sacred. I was fortunate enough to be a guest on his internet radio program. I remember that experience fondly. There was such a gentle flow that honored my gifts and what I had to say. When with Iggy, it is impossible to feel lonely. His energy welcomes all he comes in contact with. And I am grateful to have shared part of this journey with him.

–Matt Muschott
Intuitive Reader
I met Iggy Garcia many years ago when a friend invited me to Iggy’s Sweat Lodges. I really was not sure what to expect that day walking into his backyard… It turned out to be a truly wonderful healing experience for me. Iggy was warm and inviting and made me feel comfortable right away. He allowed me to experience the sweat lodge at my own pace and without judgment. Yet he was always available and willing to answer my questions along the way. I have spent many, many wonderful hours with my brother Iggy at sweat lodges and drumming circles and have found him to be a genuine, funny, kind man that truly cares about others and the world. He would do anything to help others in need. He has a beautiful family that he loves and adores and he is a wonderful example of what a husband and father should be. We need more Iggy Garcia’s in this world!
–Denise Musser
TonyFriends, I am here to talk about a man of which I have grown to have great respect. I have witnessed his medicine and it is powerful and it is good. His spirit is gentle yet strong. He is a leader of the people. He is a man of great compassion and concern. He is a Medicine Man of the highest quality healing those that come to him physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally with his medicine. I have witnessed and participated in his holding Itsipi. People coming from near and far to participate in very powerful and moving sweat ceremonies guided by Chief Hoop Watcher. These ceremonies provided so many with such spiritual awakening and community. Drum ceremonies sponsored by this holy medicine man many times evolve into spiritual events that create great vortexes of spiritual energy unavoidable to anyone in the vicinity. People are drawn to the light, power and energy emitting from the pulsating drums. Individually he treats many that come to him with his energetic healing methods and also with herbs and teas and his words. Many come to him for advice and trust his judgment. Yet to speak to the man you will find a man of great humility. A common man. Every man. He does not hold himself above others for he is well aware that he too is merely human with his own imperfections and flaws. This quality is what endears him to so many. This quality is also why he is so trusted. Here my friends is a true spiritual leader. I would entrust him to hold any spiritual ceremony and be confident that the highest outcome would occur.
–Anthony Silver Bear DeLaCruz
I met Iggy Garcia in the summer of 2012. I was immediately impressed with his friendly and welcoming attitude towards others. My experience has left me inclined to listen. He listened to me. Instantly, we became friends. The following week, he introduced me to someone that redefined who I am as a man. Since then, he’s introduced me to many friends that have changed me in the most beautiful and inspiring ways. I’ve never known him to associate with an influence that detracts from the joy and beauty of life, yet he makes peace with all that cross his path. He is a true shaman. He is a living example of thankfulness and love. In the spring of 2013, Iggy facilitated a family lineage healing that changed my life. We met on Easter day, and I will be forever grateful! His method is mystical in it’s own right. But, there is no mystery in the practical and real nature of the healing in which he facilitates. He easily draws the root of repressed issues to the surface by allowing them to manifest. The simplicity in method is rare and beautiful. We’ve shared many life-changing experiences. We’ve shared the simple joy of dancing with friends. We’ve misunderstood each other. And, we’ve found a way to overcome our misunderstanding, allowing our respective truths to be heard and understood. That is the nature of divine love. Divine love is the the greatest force within the existence of our universe and understanding. Each day, I’m blessed to experience our friendship. I anticipate the rewards of celebrating life together. My name is Dana Barker. This is my story. I’m grateful for walking the road of friendship with Iggy.
—Dana Barker
CassI had the honor of entering the Sweat Lodge for a healing of two people who asked for a healing. During that ceremony I found Iggy to be a most respectful leader, who was clear and open with his energy and skills. The sweat provided a window of opportunity to work alongside him, and the powerful presence of his focused attention, and the use of compassion and skilled energy work created a sacred place for all. I have had other opportunities to witness him, at drum circles, spirit dancing, laying on of hands, and the loving kindness he practices in his interaction with others is genuine and effective. One of his talents is a sense of humor. Never overly pious, with a sense of humility he walks his Shaman path. Generous with his gifts, and approachable for his time and attention. So in the end I experience Iggy as a man of substance, one who is committed to building a community of love and loyalty for all who enter the path of love, unity, peace, and transformation leading to the unity of the Eagle and Condor. A reunion of ancient ways that were divided by conquest, but now are being united for the good of all and the honoring of our ancestors as well as healing of our selves and our earth. I trust Iggy to be a man of his word. Thank you for this time to share my growing relationship with this Hoop Master Shaman.
–Cass Red Heart
Retired Psychotherapist
MareIggy Garcia is one of those innate healers born with strong gifts and has spent much of his life studying the Old Ways and enhancing his awareness’s and skills, so that his work may bring balance and wisdom back into this frenetic, wounded world.
–Mare Cromwell
Award-winning author

JoyceI first met Iggy Garcia at Garcia’s Internazionale Restaurant in 2008 and was experienced his flair for Peruvian Cooking, which I really enjoyed. Great Mexican food was served using his families recipes, I will certainly enjoy visiting the restaurant more often when able. The food I had enjoyed was the best I have eaten. I have known him since and found him to be a well-grounded minister providing spiritual and intuitive guide. Iggy is also a trained Itsipi leader and provides Itsipi to those in need for healing. Iggy’s training for Itsipi is well thought out and detailed down to picking out the best stone to picking out the best wood logs to for a fire to heating the stones. He’s very detailed on how to lay down the platform of the logs, laying in the stones for heating, songs he sings with his drum and rattle, to songs used in his ceremony. Iggy is very trustworthy, outgoing, and fun to be around. He is a great example of walking and talking sacred and is not stingy when it comes to sharing his knowledge.
–Joyce Rheal
Animal Communicator
I’ve known and worked with Mr. Garcia for a number of years. I know Iggy personally and professionally. It has always been a great pleasure to work with Iggy on any project. He always works with great professionalism and personality along with integrity. Iggy brings a personal touch to everything he does, making everyone he interacts with instantly comfortable and at ease. He is a man of great ideas, action, integrity, comfort and love. It will continue to be my pleasure to work with Iggy on any project. I would highly recommend Iggy, and have done so on many occasion.
–Amy Gibson
AdrianaIggy , Thank you for always listening with an open heart and mind and for sharing yourself with others. You have touched my heart and have taught me to acknowledge , accept and forgive myself and others, you’ve walked parts of my journey with me, for that I am grateful. I’m thankful for your insight, fellowship and healing , you are a blessing to us all. I look forward to new gatherings on the road ahead, where we can share our music, dance and the healing energies of our drums together May you always be blessed my friend,
JakeTo my dear friend Iggy, When brought into this world with little of knowledge, with hopes that the mysteries ahead hold positive outcomes, that the future is not dim and holds secrets to our maximum potential, we look to many sources of wisdom. Through these sources of wisdom, we are challenged; our dreams, reality and capacity to care and love for one another are ranged from the smallest moments of interaction, in other words, transference. Perhaps a smile, a hug, a kiss or a friendly hello makes the difference in lives daily. There are so many philosophies on ways to live. Eons of knowledge from that of the omniscient, omnipresent God to the Ideas of the mortal man Voltaire; somehow humanity has thrived and learned and existed for a purpose. “Every man is a creature of the age in which he lives and few are able to raise themselves above the ideas of the time,” so Voltaire said. Leaving that rant of knowledge passed down to me by not just one but many people, I can say this, Iggy ‘Hoop Watcher’ Garcia remains a beacon, the eternal flame, the lighthouse off the crashing rocks, the mother willow tree in which I can experience and perceive my life with positivity, creativity and abundance. I’ve known Iggy as artist, coach, friend, father, family-man, intellectual, mentor, medicine man, musician, poet, protector, philosopher, professor of naturalism, religious man, shaman, student and teacher, devoting his life to enriching mine with knowledge beyond my years, words of constructive criticism, honesty, integrity, kindness, love, promise, reality in the outcomes of consequential truth. His methodology is rare art, archaic, contemporary, ethical,efficient, modern, spiritual, unostentatious (humble and modest). He is a super-hero, with the abilities to read intuitively, me. He is paramount to my successes and who I have become today. He is the ship that sends me to sea and brings me ashore. His role in my life is timeless and priceless. Iggy is the “…creature of the age in which he lives… [and rises himself] above the ideas of the time.” Thank you, my dearest friend.
–Jake P. Tomasi

It is with great honor to have connected with Shaman Garcia. I have had numerous impromptu healing sessions at drumming circles which he hosts. I’ve had, sound healing sessions meals prepared, and even received healing and instructions through dreams and visions.
Shaman Garcia has helped me countless times, often times without my directly requesting the assistance and for that I am grateful. My Grandson’s mother is enlisted in the United States Navy, and during times of deployment, I take temporary custody of my Grandson. Shaman Garcia created a family friendly atmosphere where children were welcome and protected. They ate dinner, played games, read books and played instruments while parents watched the children and did the same.
I have traveled out of town to various Native American mounds throughout the state of Ohio for ceremonial drumming, prayers, dancing and worship with Shaman Garcia and other tribal members. The experiences are always enlightening as I never know what to expect. I have always returned home feeling enlightened and much stronger spiritually.

–Kinetic Kimestry
Pranic Healer
TonjaMy experience of Chief Iggy Garcia is a peaceful, loving, Medicine Man who truly walks his talk. He is a living example of the meaning of Oneness! His passion, enthusiasm, and humor as a leader are inspiring and enrolling. So much for me that I decided to join them in Ohio this last summer for the gathering of 1,000 drummers. I was impressed with the amount of love and welcome I received as soon as we met. I was honored to be introduced to family and friends and I immediately felt at home. Iggy has a beautiful gift as a healer and a drummer. I was able to experience these gifts personally as we all drummed together in raising the vibrations and healing Mother Earth. I am so grateful for you Iggy and the stand you take on this planet for healing, peace, and love. You are a true gift, AHO!
-Tonja Hunt
PSC, Medicine Woman-Springville Utah

You are among those of us who are “awake”. I felt a connection to you immediately upon meeting you. Your drumming/healing ceremonies are so powerful and filled with love. You have an amazing connection to Mother Earth and the spirits of the ancestors. Your energy is inviting and full of love. You are an old soul who has obviously lived many lifetimes. You are a natural leader who is kind and loving. Thank you for being here at this time. Your work is so important. I am honored to know you and love participating in the work you are doing. Namaste
–Dawn Huelskamp

PatriciaSometimes, it turns out that family is not necessarily blood family. Not too long ago I discovered I had a brother…from halfway around the world. And what a wonderful discovery it was! In getting to know my new brother I discovered a man with many gifts to bring, not only to his beautiful wife and family, but he is a gift to friends, the community around him, and all those he comes in contact with. Iggy Garcia is a man of integrity, character, and strength. I have experienced the healing and beauty that flows through him to us in “Drum Ceremony.” As a spiritual leader, he has been a gentle and thoughtful guide in one of my first Itsipi experiences. Not only does my brother Iggy have a wonderful sense of humor, that can sometimes be the best medicine and healing of all, he has an acceptance for all people, a respect for the land and all it gives to us, a magnanimous personality, and love for his brothers and sisters wherever he goes that is tangible and evident to all who know him.This is just a small sketch of what a beautiful brother is…I am blessed to know Iggy Garcia, and to be walking with him in my life..what a gift he is to all of our lives. Walking Sacred and Talking Sacred…in Him…
–Patricia Reinbott
HelamanI have known Iggy Garcia for many years now and have always respected him for his Spiritual straight. He is kind and giving to all. He truly lives his beliefs of love for all things. He is a leader in bringing people together to enjoy spirit, Drumming, and dance. I helped him build his first sweat lodge and train him in facilitating it. He learned fast and let the spirit guide him and I have enjoyed the sweats I have done with him. He has powerful medicine. Iggy is a great healer and I am grateful to call him my friend.
–Helaman Andra

JimHIggy Garcia is a spiritual leader and an example of what it takes to be such a leader. He is consistent with his beliefs as I understand them. He is willing to help others, and to maintain a positive outlook in the face of opposition. His vision to help others to follow the Spirit Path is clear.

–Jim Hetzer

CullenApproximately 3 years ago I stumbled upon Garcia’s International Restaurant; my goal was to find a place where I could participate in a drum circle. It resulted in the creation of a special and unique bond which I will now treasure the rest of my life. The environment created by Mr. Iggy Garcia was/is of compassion, passion, wisdom, tolerance, and understanding. The effect of Mr. Garcia’s persona far exceeds the walls of the establishment and has transcended to a peace of understanding and acceptance. His aura is one of true brotherhood, love and caring. These are attributes which I do not take lightly and are not within every individual. His being has enlightened my life and added to the introspection to my being. He does not try to convince, persuade or manipulate, but offers a special something. I believe this something is his deep spirituality and commitment to the role God has created for him. I consider it an honor and a privilege to call him “friend”!
–Cullen Daniel III

~ It is with honor, that these words come through for you, my Brother. ~ ~~~~~~~~~~ One of the most incredible aspects of *knowing* that we are all connected, is to “see” & “feel” a connection to another’s energy without, actually, being in their presence. When that other person is a high vibration, as our Brother, Iggy Garcia, it is easy to ‘find’ his Silver thread in the Cosmic Tapestry, connect, and sit with his frequency. This Beautiful Soul is Joyous in his communion with Spirit. When he is guided to do the ceremony, dance freely, or drum intense rhythms to the 7 directions, or the Elemental’s, he follows his heart’s guidance. ~ Right then. ~ No hesitation. If you have old gunk to release, or need healing for body-mind-Spirit, and are guided to experience an Itsipi Sweat Lodge Ceremony of Purification, you ‘must’ be lead by experienced Shaman. Iggy is one of the Shaman you would want to be holding the energy & connection to the Spirit realm. From being a teaching presenter at Great Council to educating through his radio program, Iggy *lives his chosen path*. His adoration of family, respect for friends, and work for the elevation of humanity shines through his words and actions. He is a delightful child of Creation. Spirit smiles on this dedicated Light-Worker. ~ Nya weh Skenno, Brother ~ (Thank you for BEing)

–Diana Clellan
JohnAIgnacio Garcia is known by many nicknames… Iggy, Nacho, Gino. Nicknames are a loving way to recognize your close friends. I’ve known Iggy for several years and have worked with him. I haven’t spent as much time with him as I would have liked and I’m sure there are others that feel the same as he has many, many close friends. Iggy is one of the most truthful, spiritual beings I have ever known. To be in his company makes you feel like you are home, safe, happy and loved. I share his enthusiasm for all of the earth’s inhabitants as well as our sacred earth. I know he is someone walking in his truth. He is someone you can rely on and I am very proud to call him my brother.

–John Addison
Avs Video Productions LLC

Iggy Garcia is among those rare individuals you meet and sense at once to be both loving and trustworthy, a transcendent and transformative human being. Caring, compassionate, and comical by turns, he makes those in his presence remember that it is good to be alive, that “It is good to be here!” Iggy brings out the good in others because there is great goodness in him. Through our interactions, I’ve learned to respect his impressive insights on the WithInsights.com radio program he hosts, the various leadership roles he fills within the Nemenhah organization, and the gentle and unobtrusive approach he uses in his healing practice. All in all, Iggy is, without a doubt, good medicine.
–Sammi Soutar
MarkMIggy Garcia is many things to the central Ohio spiritual community. Shaman, Writer, Radio show host, Community activist, Drum circle leader, Holistic practitioner and restaurateur to name a few. Above all of that, he is a very giving person of his time and resources to help others find their way through the fog of life. Always willing to lend spiritual guidance and to help others to his own detriment he is always initiating things to make the community. He is also a heck of a nice guy!
–Mark Metheny
I have been honored to share in ceremonies led by Iggy Garcia for a number of years. We have danced in sacred spaces like Ash Cave. We have drummed to raise the vibration of the earth and her children. We have shared the depths of the Itsipi lodge. We have worked to bring healing to those in need.
In each of these occasions, Iggy has been a source of encouragement, joy, respect and loving- kindness to all beings on the planet. His wisdom is inspiring. His knowledge is far-reaching. His leadership is gentle and sure. He works to raise each participant to their own highest good while respecting all who participate.
Iggy listens carefully to the leading of Spirit and guides all who participate to their own best understanding of what it means to be human, whole and healthy. I am grateful for our time together and always come to the end of each ceremony with a greater connection to all beings, including myself.
Thank you, Iggy. Knowing you has been a joy.
–Debra Riley
Iggy, you brought in some mighty Spirit at that healing drum circle, brother!!!! Let me tell you that I am incredibly honored and humbled to have been a part of that. That was very scared, and you have so much love and soul in what you do brother. Thank you from my whole heart for this event you and Dave hosted. I loved being with you all and drumming hard and enjoyed everyone’s presence. Peace and blessings to you and everyone. We gotta go back to Columbus soon. Be well my friend
—Adam Kovatch

I’ve been looking for the words to also express my appreciation of the healing drum circle.  My whole being craves being in that experience again. Iggy, I felt your ability to hold a space and fill it with deep, resonant vibration, and to draw those present into that sacred space. The intonations of the circle, combined with the beating of the drum and your chanting resonated deep in my soul. One of the challenging aspects of leading a circle like that is contributing full presence of being while excluding ego. I felt that you accomplished that and hope for your continued presence in that role. Your words were few, your presence strong, and you shared an ability to make room for the presence of all of us to contribute to the whole. It didn’t feel like you were “trying” to do something that you’d heard about/read about/been taught, which is something I’ve experienced in circle leaders, but that you were sharing/creating/inviting something from deep within. David, I felt your energy strongly, too, and your contribution was essential. Two is a wonderful beginning place. The two of you together forge a vision that the rest of us can step into, and when I opened my eyes to see your contribution, I also saw your full presence of being and your HEART, and you led me into the experience further. Thank you.

–Karenna Miller

Yes, Iggy, you are so real and genuine. I always walk away from one of your healing circles with a feeling of having touched the infinite. I looked around at all of the familiar and unfamiliar faces and felt so much love. thank you all for being.

–Kim Landis

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