Hello, I’m Ignacio, but you can call me Iggy. I’m proud to be a native of Peru, South America, and have been immersed in the sacred ways and arts of Peruvian Shamanism. I walk the red road with The Condor Eagle Society and The Native American Church of Nemenhah, holding titles such as Peruvian Shaman, Medicine Man, Minister, Chief, and Elder. My journey has led me to become a spiritual leader in my community, right here in Columbus, Ohio.

Beyond my spiritual path, I wear many hats – I’m a speaker, blog writer, entrepreneur, and a radio host. For over two decades, I’ve been the editor and producer of www.withinsightsradio.com, where I host a weekly internet podcast and radio show.

My role as Chief of Public Relations for the Condor Eagle Society, in addition to being a Holistic and Metaphysical Practitioner, keeps me deeply engaged in various modalities. I’m also a proud member of the Nemenhah Indigenous Traditional Organization (NAC) and hold the certification of a Shahaptian Guide Medicine Man. This authorizes me to perform the sacred ordinances related to our calling, including the use of plants, animals, stones, feathers, and more, in rites and ceremonies that align with the Scared Shahaptian Healing way, as restored to the Nemenhah by Wyakin and as set forth in the Constitution of the Nemenhah. My heart belongs to The Condor Eagle Chapter House in Columbus, Ohio.

My expertise spans Great Lakes, Chief of Tiwehkthihmpt of Itsipi Society, Intuitive Mentoring, Drum Healing, Drum Circles, Remote Healing, Body Energy Work, Inca Meditation, and Open Chair Gestalt, among other modalities.

My website is a treasure trove of resources to assist you on your life’s journey. I firmly believe that understanding and unlocking our own healing power is the first step. Past traumas often hold us back from fully embracing life, and I know that we can’t do it alone. Embracing the moment given to us by our Creator is essential. I firmly believe that every one of us has something valuable to offer the world and the universe.

If you’re looking to set and achieve personal goals, I’m here to guide and coach you on your sacred path. As an Intuitive Coach, Medicine Man, Minister, and practitioner of Peruvian Shamanism, I tailor a variety of methods to suit your unique needs through holistic and metaphysical approaches. It’s important to note that Intuitive Mentoring and Peruvian Shamanism are not intended to address psychological illnesses, and I’m not a therapist. However, I believe that therapists can also become mentors, ministers, medicine men/women, and learn shamanism.

I offer a range of modalities to assist you in your journey of self-healing. Prayer, Ho’OPonoPono, Intuitive Mentoring, Intuitive Business Mentoring, Body Energy Work, Open Chair Gestalt, Meditation, Remote Healing – these are just some of the tools I use. My primary focus revolves around Peruvian Shamanism, Native American ceremonies (Nemenhah Medicine Wheel), and Central and South American healing practices. This includes Itsipi (Sweat Ceremony), Dancing with Energy, Drum Healing, Drum Circles, Inca guided Meditation, Animal guided Meditations, Bundle Ceremony, and Pipe Ceremony, to name a few. These practices have been hidden over time, but I’m committed to reviving them for the benefit of all.

It’s high time that we reclaim our birthright from the Universe. We need to resurrect the old traditions of the Sacred Medicine Wheel, as passed down by our ancestors, and teach others how to heal themselves through various modalities. We are more than just flesh and blood; we are energy, life force, and masters of our own past, present, and future.

As an Intuitive Mentor, Native South American Shaman Practitioner, and Medicine Man, I’m here to journey with you to find that safe place within yourself, helping you discover, rediscover, and uncover the means to heal yourself and take control of your life through the power of the Sacred Medicine Wheel and so much more.

Remember, we are connected to Sky Father, Mother Earth, the four corners of life (north, south, east, and west), and All My Relations. Together, we can embark on a transformative journey toward self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.

I’m Iggy Garcia, and I’m here to help you unlock the wisdom of ancient traditions and holistic practices to enrich your life.


Ignacio Garcia, also known as Iggy, a Peruvian Shaman with The Condor Eagle Society who holds the esteemed title of Chief Hoop Watcher and is a who serves as a Minister and Medicine man within the Nemenhah Indigenous Traditional Organization, which is closely associated with the Native American Church of Nemenhah. In accordance with Indigenous traditions, Chief Hoop Watcher does not request a specific fee for his medicinal services and ceremonies. However, it is customary to uphold the principle of reciprocity, and individuals often choose to make monetary donations as an expression of their gratitude for his work. The suggested offering can be found at the service page, and for further inquiries, you can reach out to Iggy Garcia at 614.354.1636 or via email at iggygarcia@gmail.com.

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