iggyNcermony-300x225My ministerial vocation and services operate on a donation-based system. I’ve provided a comprehensive list of recommended contributions for various ceremonies, rituals, mentoring, and sacraments, among other offerings.




Mentoring Services for Intuition and Business

Intuitive In-Person Readings:
– 60-minute session: $75
– 90-minute session: $125

Single Phone Sessions:
– 30 minutes: $55
– 60 minutes: $75

Phone Session Packages:
– 3 Phone Sessions: $195
– 5 Phone Sessions: $325

Intuitive Mentoring for Personal and Business Growth:
– Packages available with 8, 12, or 20 sessions, priced accordingly.


boots2Experience a profound shamanic healing journey

In the realm of shamanism, we embark on a profound and unhurried healing ceremony, a sacred process that unfolds in its own time. Together, we will delve deep into this transformative experience for a duration of 90 minutes.

Our session encompasses a variety of practices, including Gestalt work, intuitive readings, soul retrieval, extraction, power animal retrieval, Limpia (egg cleansing), and the harmonious dance with energy through Indigenous Body Work.

Duration: 90 minutes
Investment: $195.00

Shamanic Rituals and Ceremonies

 More Ceremonies

Dancing with Energy (Indigenous Body Work)
Distance Healing
Dream Interpretations Guide
Drum Circle Facilitation (90 mins $225)
Drum & Rattle
Extraction Healing
Group Drum Healing (90 mins $225)
Inca Meditation (Kusi – Cranial Work)
Intuitive Reading
Limpia (Egg Cleansing)
Medicine Wheel Reading
Medicine Wheel (Four Sacred Points)
Munay Ki Rites of Passage
One on One Mentoring
Open Chair Gestalt
Peruvian Despacho Ceremony
Power Animal Retrieval
Sacred Breathe
Sacred Pipe
Seven Sacred Feather Balancing
Spirit Channeling
Soul Retrieval

Suggested 60 mins donation is $100 hr.

Intuitive Shaman Classes – Packages priced per number of sessions in a package (8, 12, or 20 sessions)

Ministerial Services

Weddings (Full Service 180 mins $375, Personal 60 mins $125)
Funerary  Rites (60 mins $125)
Mother Earth Baptism (60 mins $100)
Coming of Age Ceremonies (90 mins $125)
Blessings & Clearing (120 mins $225Land Healing, Home Blessings, Home Clearing) 

Ignacio Garcia, also known as Iggy, a Peruvian Shaman with The Condor Eagle Society who holds the esteemed title of Chief Hoop Watcher and is a who serves as a Minister and Medicine man within the Nemenhah Indigenous Traditional Organization, which is closely associated with the Native American Church of Nemenhah. In accordance with Indigenous traditions, Chief Hoop Watcher does not request a specific fee for his medicinal services and ceremonies. However, it is customary to uphold the principle of reciprocity, and individuals often choose to make monetary donations as an expression of their gratitude for his work. The suggested offering can be found above, and for further inquiries, you can reach out to Iggy Garcia at 614.354.1636 or via email at

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