Natal Chart

So what can your natal chart reveal about who you are and what happens in our lives.  Astrologers for centuries have studied the heavens in search of why certain things happen to us.  At first glance we see a wheel and a bunch of symbols…  So what does this all mean?  I can only imagine what all this may mean to the common person, at first glance I was lost and I’m still learning.  For most us it’s like looking at code or a foreign language.  I’ll make one thing very clear, I don’t or nor will even act like I know.  The picture your looking at is my personal natal chart from 12/08/1966 this was the activity that and alignment of the universes, the planets, stars, the houses of the signs.  This my friends is what was happening in a place we call the great out there.  Under the careful eye of an astrologer they can interpret these code messages.  Trust me you will want to find a astrologer to help you, they make things so clear for a lay person like myself.

There are apps that can help you to decipher these coded signal and bring it into a language we can understand.  For me personally, I find working close with someone to interpret this language has more meaning and closeness.  I choose the human connection over apps any day.  So who do I trust? I trust my very good friend Mark Metheny from  Rabbit Hole Astrology whom I have worked with closely on radio projects and events.  Mark is a great teacher and is  resource of wealth and he is ready to help you unlock those codes that make look like something out of star gate or star trek.  So many times astrologers talk over peoples heads and because of the lack of knowledge astrology, many just shake their heads up and down and just agree.  When astrologers get together they speak this coded language among themselves, and it can be very intimidating and you can become easily lost in translation or its job just keeping up. Our ego tries to take the info and process it, but it has no reference point.  What I learned very quickly being around Mark and others astrologers, don’t just agree, if you you don’t know what is being said, you could be cheating yourself out of a beautiful read.  It’s so easy to quickly become lost with the terminology being presented to you.  Like any language, ask questions, for example just because you know a few phrases in Spanish does not mean you are proficient in Spanish.  Astrology is a language and it can be learned if we open ourselves to learn.

I know it can be taxing to asking questions what things mean, but in the long run you will come to understand what a north or south node is or mercury in retrograde.  So don’t sell your sell short because you want to be cool or you are to embarrassed to ask questions.  Always remember your read you receive is an important one and so valuable to your success and understanding why you are or act a certain ways.  For me its sort of a road map of what and how I can see the things that have or will play out on my life.

One of the cool things about working with mark is he is very patient with you, he trows the big words at you at first, but he is able to recognize quickly if you don’t understand what he is saying. I find this to be a very good trait to have in the this magical world of astrology.

So, when looking for an astrology reader, make sure they listen to you, that they don’t speak over you to impress you with big words.  So when I need astrology read, Mark Metheny is my guy.  easy and clear…

Well good luck on your journey in the discovering the part of yourself through the use of astrology.



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