Ah life!

Ah life! Thank you for all the opportunities taken and passed. Life, I once was so innocent and naive, but I trusted those who raised me. As a teenager I wanted to do things I saw in movies, fly planes, explore new worlds, and do noting, all at the same time.

Then you gave me more options, so many that it made my head spin at times. You tested me to go for more and to open books and meet new people. You showed me the dance floor of life and I jumped on, not caring if I could dance or not. You brought me to crosses roads for good, bad and indifferent, some time I picked the wrong road or was it?

You have presented me with other humans to share experiences with, at times I would be be so distracted and frustrated and I could not see the beautiful things before my eyes. You presented me with 3 value gifts, and what I found, they were only on loan to me to love, honor, teach, educate, protect and prepare them for their journeys as we walked out intertwined sacred paths.

Life you taught me that people come and go, go and come. But each one of them leaves a small or large imprint in our hearts. Some touch your soul, your spirit and your mind. Then we get to choose if we keep those memories and build on them or do we send it off to be forgotten?

Life, I sit here pondering what’s next on my journey, my path. I know it will be amazing, because that’s where my focus is. I know my pains and they have served me. I’m excited where we go from here.

Hi life, I’m ready can you keep up with me?

Life I love you! Again thank you for the inspiration and the perspiration.


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