My First Week of the New Year.

Happy New Year!!!

I bid farewell to 2015 in the company of friends and family at my family’s restaurant. The evening kicked off with a drum circle, the rhythmic beats resonating with our hearts. With each strike of the mallet, I reminisced about each and every day of the past year. I pondered my accomplishments and what remained unachieved. Memories surged, bringing forth moments of laughter, tears, and sorrow. I recalled friends lost and friendships severed. I thought of Deb, who had passed away, and the young souls who left us before or on the New Year. I also reflected on the tough decisions I had to make in letting go of certain friends.

I remembered how the previous year had begun with a bang, filled with group activities, but this year took a different start, one that I welcomed. I discovered a more introspective side of myself, searching within for answers that lie deep within my core. I resumed meditation and focused more on my spiritual journey, sensing a calling to stay the course and share more. I realized that the latter part of the previous year had been somewhat self-centered, and I had fallen into a state of indifference, waiting for something I couldn’t quite define.

Hello, 2016! When we add up all the numbers, we arrive at 9, signifying a year to embrace our spiritual gifts. I eagerly dive into 2016 with open arms, ready to learn, teach, and explore. Most importantly, I approach this year with an open heart, not expecting anything specific, but instead allowing myself to flow with the universe and rediscover the pieces of myself I may have given away. I’m uncertain about how the people we become mentors for perceive us. We all have our share of problems and issues to work through. Speaking for myself, I’ve learned a great deal from the people I’ve worked with as they traverse their unique paths towards their heart’s desires. I’ve been fortunate to have some wonderful teachers throughout my lifetime.

So, in 2016, let’s have fun, seek adventure, embrace learning, foster understanding, and not take life too seriously.

Peace and love, Aho & Reksikuy

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