Our health is paramount for our spiritual and physical survival.

Occasionally, we awaken with a resolute desire for profound changes in our lives, recognizing the pressing need for a significant transformation in our physical well-being. With only three days remaining in 2018, I’ve made the firm decision to allocate the same level of attention to nurturing my physical body as I do to cultivating my spiritual growth. Our bodies constitute an integral part of our existence, and if we aspire to elevate our souls and spirits to their zenith, we must bestow upon our physical vessels the love and care they rightfully deserve.

We understand that humanity is a tapestry of diverse shapes, sizes, beliefs, and callings. Many of us ardently pursue our paths to spiritual enlightenment, yet occasionally, something feels amiss, and we sense that we’re falling somewhat short of our desired destination. I hold the belief that these perceived shortcomings can often be attributed to the burdens of stress, feelings, and emotions. We all yearn for that elusive realm of peace, joy, and happiness, and it’s akin to steering a car with a flat tire. The vehicle moves, but not with the desired ease and efficiency. We yearn for all our life’s facets to harmonize and align, ushering in a superior sense of balance and equilibrium.

Living in our contemporary world exacts a significant toll, often imposing certain expectations on us. A trip to the grocery store exemplifies this, with neatly packaged food items bearing labels replete with chemical jargon. Many of our fruits and vegetables traverse the globe, harvested prematurely and brought to our tables through copious fossil fuel expenditure. In such times, the injunction to “get to know your farmer” resounds with deeper significance. While I don’t wish to dictate dietary choices, I encourage everyone to educate themselves about what they ingest. Your body typically serves as a reliable guide, signaling when you fall short of its nourishment needs.

Recently, I shared a humorous meme featuring a before-and-after image of a man’s abs, jesting that it was me. Though it garnered hearty laughs and jests, it prompted me to ponder my own physical condition. It’s been a while since I considered myself slender; the last recollection of such a state dates back to my teenage years. Over the past five years, I’ve noticed various physical iterations of myself, sometimes larger, sometimes more fit. I observed that I had been hiding behind a beard, varying hairstyles, and other guises. While I consider myself reasonably self-assured and immune to external judgments, as a human, I understand that people tend to project and judge. Standing at ‘5,3″, I’ve maintained a weight range of 220-225 lbs, which seems somewhat excessive for my frame. My decreased physical activity due to a soccer injury exacerbated this situation, impacting my mental well-being. I was hesitant to return to the sport out of fear of injury, and I haven’t played for years. This is a choice I made for myself.

Upon introspection in front of the mirror, I was disheartened, wondering where my former physique had vanished. This discontent began to corrode my mind, spirit, and soul – a far from ideal scenario for a Sagittarius like myself. Therefore, I resolved to make substantial changes. My health is of paramount importance; I aspire to enjoy quality time with my grandchildren for years to come. To address the weight I’ve been carrying, stemming from unresolved emotional events in my life and an addiction to sugars and fats, I needed a structured plan.

So, how do I plan to tackle this sense of dissatisfaction with my body and the associated baggage? I chose to invest in myself, heeding my own advice and committing to the work ahead. I’m fully aware that this journey won’t be a cakewalk, but it needs to be motivating and enjoyable. Thus, I’ve acquired a membership at Planet Fitness to initiate my pursuit of a healthier body, mind, and spirit, thereby enhancing my overall quality of life. To infuse motivation and enjoyment into this endeavor, I’ve decided to document my fitness journey through pictures, short videos, and social media posts, which will also be shared on my website and blog. My aspiration is that others will be inspired to embark on their own path toward a healthier, more balanced life.

Commencing on January 1, 2019, I will embark on this personal commitment to improve my physical health, which I firmly believe will positively impact my mental well-being. While we all have a destiny leading us back to the earth one day, we can shape our present and future by fully experiencing each moment along the way. Let’s seize the reins of our fortune, and I look forward to reconnecting with you in 2019.

Happy New Year, 2019!

Iggy Garcia

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