Our health is paramount for our spiritual and physical survival.

Sometimes we wake up, and we say to ourselves, you know I need some serious changes in my life, and my physical health requires some significant changes.  With three days left in 2018, I have decided that I need to work on my physical temple as much as I work on my spiritual development, our bodies are a huge part of us, and if one wants to develop the soul and the spirit at it’s highest peak, the body needs love and attention too.  I know we all come in shapes and sizes, and beliefs and many of us are doing well in following our calling to spiritual awakening, sometimes something is missing, and we still feel like we are falling a bit short. It’s my belief we are only half way to that place we want to be at times because of stress, feeling and emotions and I genuinely believe that we all want to be in an area of peace, joy, and happiness.  It’s like driving a car with a flat tire; the car moves, not as it should, it would be much better if all the wheels were moving in unison, in which should bring a better flow, balance, and harmony.

We all live in a world where so much is demanded of us to live a certain way. For example, when we go to the grocery store, and all the food is prepackaged for us in cute little colorful boxes, and the ingredient labels read like words out of a chemistry book. Most of our fruits and vegetables are flown in from all around the world, so that usually means it was picked green unripened and a lot of fossil fuels were used to bring them to your table. So when we hear the words “get to know your Farmer” rings a little more profoundly.  We put a lot of faith that the food that we purchase, I’m not here to debate what one should put in their mouths; I will say do your best to educate yourself when you are putting foods in into your system.  I’m pretty confident your body will let you know if your falling short.

Yesterday I posted a meme of a man before, and after picture of his abs, the joke was to make it seem like it was me, when you read to the end of the post you would have quickly known it was not me.  Now, it got a lot of laughs, and you got me, Iggy!  What I didn’t expect was how the universe moves with us and through us.  Several times I would look at that post, and it wants funny by the end of the day. I decided to look at myself in the mirror. It’s been a long time since been a skinny person, the last time I recall being thin I was 15.  I have always been fit and stocky and somewhat muscular. I pulled up some pics of myself from the previous five years, and I noticed many different physical versions of myself, some were big some looked good.  I saw I was hiding behind a beard, long hair, short hair, etc.  Now, I feel I’m a pretty confident person, and I don’t worry too much what people say or if I’m liked or disliked, that comes with the territory of being a human, people project and judge from time to time. Believe it not, I stand ‘5,3,” and I maintain a weight of 220-225lbs, which in my case seems a bit too much for my frame.  For the last two years, I have noticed sufficient changes in my body and my health, mostly due to the fact I’m no longer active in sports, I was a super busy soccer player for many years, that was my exercise and life.  When I broke my leg playing soccer things changed and shifted it affected my mental state for serval years, I was very gun shy to play and get hurt again, and I have not played in years, and that’s more on me than the sport.

Again looking in the mirror, I was very disgusted and was wondering what happened to my body where did it go, what have I done? It began to affect my mind my spirit and my soul, which is not a good thing for a Sagittarius like myself. So, I decided right there, and now I need to make significant changes, my health is must, I have grandkids I would like to play and interact with for many years. Not to get too deep, the weight I have been carrying is from emotional events in my life that I have not worked out, plus the addiction to sugars and fats, the main ingredients in just about everything we drink and eat.  

So how am I going to tackle this thing I call not happy with my body and all the crap that come with it? I decided I would invest in myself, take my own advise and start and do the work, I know it’s not going be easy, and I also know it needs to be motivating and fun.  I purchased a membership to Planet Fitness to being the journey for a better body, mind, and spirit for a better quality of life for me personally.  So, remember I said it had to be motivating and fun, I decided to document my workout part of my life with pictures, short videos, post on social media, my blog at my website. The reason I”ll be doing it like this is the hope others will become inspired to want to make changes in their lives to live healthier, mind-body, spirit and soul.  Starting on January 1, 2019, I begin my commitment to myself to walk the path of body health, which in turn will help my mental health. I know we all have destinies to return to the earth one day, I also know we can experience our present and future by living each moment to it’s fullest along the way.  Make your luck and will see each other in 2019.              

Happy New Year 2019

Iggy Garcia

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