Iggy Garcia LIVE Episode 92 – Jost Van Dyke Intuitive Astrologer and Psychic Medium

Jost Van Dyke is considered a Multidimensional Renaissance Man.

In addition to being an internationally-recognized intuitive astrologer and psychic medium, Jost is a professional concert pianist, nationally-exhibited fine art photographer and owner/instructor of a Pilates studio, in addition to several other creative professions.

This polymath identification was seeded by three seminal events at an early age that set in motion an underpinning dynamic as a mystic-creative.

Before Jost’s birth, his parents had an ET “close encounter” that was quite extraordinary for two people raised and living at the time in rural North Florida amidst Deep South fundamentalism of the 1950s.

Jost was born Easter morning, at the break of dawn, with a natal sun conjunct an 11:11 Aries ascendant/Libra descendant axis. Venus was conjunct the Pleiades, the lunar nodal axis was conjunct Antares and Aldebaran as the moon edged toward the Galactic Center trine a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.

At the age of four, Jost experienced an out of body experience (OBE), a supernal angelic visitation that set a precedence for subsequent recurring numinous events that have made a significant impact on Jost’s life in many ways.

During the years 1984-88, Jost had frequent Interdimensional Entity visitations while working intimately with the entity Seth and other non-localized entities channeled through a close trance-medium friend.

These benevolent “Light Beings” transported Jost on several transdimensional journeys into the far reaches of the vast Multiverse where he was shown inexplicable intergalactic events.

The “Light Beings” downloaded seeds of information – seeds that continue to gestate and sprout forth at the optimum time – decades before this information would become the mainstream news it is now.

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